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Re: filmscanners: OK, Vuescan is driving me nuts

On Wed, 23 May 2001 01:29 +0100 (BST)  Tony Sleep 
(TonySleep@halftone.co.uk) wrote:

> When selecting the tone and colour setting for the highlight dropper, 
> drag the little circle to where you want it on the big graduated picker 
> panel. I usually *don't* use the highlight dropper for the brightest 
> highlight, used this way, but select a bright value which still has 
> some detail in.
> By setting it to the tone and colour you want, you let the brightest 
> highlights look after themselves (usually specular so beyond any detail 
> anyhow), but PS straightens out a lot of the colour correction.

OK, it seems I really didn't explain this adequately! More requests for 
clarification and here it is:-

> Thanks for the response at your end, BTW. Yes, I double click on the
> highlight eyedropper in Levels and get the box you're describing, with 
> the
> little circle and graduated colors. Guess I'm dense but whether I use 
> the
> eyedropper or move the little circle there is no change in either the
> picture or histogram. I must be missing a step.

Which is the next step! Having selected with the eyedropper what colour 
and tone you want your target area of near-highlight to appear, you must 
then click the eyedropper on that part of the image. Magic ensues.

For example say a subject has light gray hair, but in the image it has a 
blue cast, so looks like a bad blue rinse. Select the light gray it should 
be using the picker, then click on the area of hair you want to fix. PS 
will correct the entire image to sort out the colour rendition so that the 
blue hair now appears the selected, correct gray.

As the eyedropper samples either 1x1 or 3x3 pixels, you may need to try a 
few times to get the best effect.


Tony Sleep
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