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Re: filmscanners: drum scanning services

In a message dated 23/5/01 1:37:56 am, TonySleep@halftone.co.uk writes:

I think you are right, and they are saying some very strange things. 
Whenever I come across drum operators (in the context of magazine repro), 
they go to great lengths (4 or 5 words) to explain that my puny 4,000ppi 
scans are no good even for a postage stamp headshot, and that they scan 
*everything* at 12,000ppi. Where have you tried? Metro should know what 
they are talking about. >>

Dear Tony

What they might mean is that the sharpness of a $100,000 scanner capable of 
doing 12,000 ppi will give a better result than a 4000 ppi desktop scanner 
even when only 4000lines are needed. A scan at 12,000 would only be employed 
by a repro house for a 40 x 60 inch high quality repro from a 35mm trannie 
but only in the most extreme quality circumstances. For magazine repro 
they'll use much less. 

Bob Croxford



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