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Re: filmscanners: LS-4000 Question

I don't know if the Nikon LS-4000 is a redesign of the LS-2000 or LS-30 
or what.  Early Nikon scanners (LS-10 and LS-20) moved the film over the 
immobile scanner sensor.  Then they changed it to have the film stay 
stationary (once positioned) and move the scan head internally.  This 
allows for more reliable multi-scanning.

What this generation is about is really hard to say. If it follows the 
LS-30/2000 approach, the scan length is limited to the amount of 
movement allowed within the scanner, and that's not much beyond one 
frame length.  If the system is taken from the earlier scanners, or like 
the HP models, then the only limitation is what the software restricts 
(and the full length of strip that the unit can accommodate).


Austin Lindsey wrote:

> I am contemplating an LS-4000 and have a question for the list.  Is it
> possible to remove the cross strips from the FH-s film strip adapter
> and scan a long panoramic negative?  Has anyone done this? Does the
> scanner scan all negatives in the adapter at one time?  If so I would
> guess it could do the panoramics.  Replys greatly appreciated on or
> off list. Thanks


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