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RE: filmscanners: FW: Shadow detail & LS-4000

> Fergus writes ...
> > My question is regarding an LS-4000. I'm disappointed
> > with the lack of shadow detail in my scans.
> > An example is http://www.dingoboy.com/bad.jpg.
> > This jpeg is a crop of a larger image, direct from the
> > scanner before any changes were made.
> > ...

        It occurred to me after my last post, Nikonscan's autoexposure
measurement may have sacrificed proper exposure based on its
measurement of whitepoint.  If whitepoint % is set to low, it would
then underexpose so that the highlights in this image didn't get blown
away.  This may be a case for which slides can sometimes be too
contrasty, and you'll need sacrifice detail in the highlights for
detail in the shadows.
        However, before adjusting the Wp%, you might look for settings for
autoexposure which cause it to make different judgment calls.  For
example, in Nikonscan 2.5, there were "advanced" settings for exposure
which involved different type of images ... for example, night time
and garden photographs, for which different assumptions should be made
about the amount of white.
        This may also prove to be a case for a 14bit scan and multiple
sampling, and blowing out the highlights just a little.  You should be
then able to use photoshop curves to add a bit of non-linear
brightening to the shadows.

shAf  :o)


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