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Re: filmscanners: which space?

Maris V. Lidaka, Sr. wrote:

> If I'm not mistaken Bruce Fraser participates in the Epson Inkjets mailing
> list.
> Inkjet printers of course print in CMYK but they insist on RGB input and
> then perform the conversion themselves.  So we correct in RGB or CMYK or
> LAB, whatever fits the bill, but then send to the printer in RGB.
> Maris

I am still using some of the older Epson printers, so things may be 
different with the newer models and software.

In spite of the fact many, maybe even Epson warns that working in CMYK, 
and then sending it to the printer causes a double conversion (CMYK, 
back to RGB to the printer driver, then reconverted to CMYK for final 
printing), I have been unable to get nearly the control using a RGB 
output as when I work in CMYK.  The control of black ink alone makes it 
worthwhile.  But, overall, my accuracy level goes way up with CMYK 
output, in my work flow.

The one problem is when changes are made in the configuration, 
Photoshop, version, even specific printer, all best are off, since CMYK 
is a "locked" mode, while RGB seems to readjust to the new 
circumstances. I always keep both file types stored.

As aside to this, Jon Cone, who runs www.inkjetmall.com sells a huge 
range of inkjet color profiles, and he also is now providing his new 
archival inks for a wide variety of Epson printers, including the 3000.

The accelerated aging on his inks shows them to be very good.  He also 
sells a wide variety of papers, and his website is quite informative, 
with links to some other informative locations.

I have no personal interest in his company, nor have I ever made a 
purchase through him, but I think he is doing some ground breaking work 
in the fields of color management and ink longevity.



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