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Re: filmscanners: which space?

pg writes ...

> ...
> when I get raw scans from a scanner.. eg Nikon 4000,
> they don't come in any 'space', right?

    Yes & no ... there is no color space embedded, but every bitmap of
RGB values belong to a color space ... you only need figure out which

> so should I assign (convert) them to a particular one? isn't that
> the data right off the bat?

    "Assigning" will not change the RGB data ... it is the method of
choice for finding which color space your raw RGB scans belong to.
PS6 will allow you to "assign" color spaces with the preview turned
on.  Simply go thru all color spaces on your computer, and make note
of which color spaces make your scanned RGB look correct.  Hopefully,
you'll end up with a couple to experiment more with.  Essentially, you
want to experiment with many scanned images while picking the correct
space ... assuming the correct space exist on your computer ... and
I'm assuming Nikon gave you one!  You will be judging primarily color
saturation, but if the reds look good, then inspect green & blue.  I
would assume Nikon provided you with the correct device profile, and
hopefully the assignment should prove obvious.
    Not having any experience with your scanner, you should have a
collection of Nikon device profiles, which you should probably make
sure they're in the correct directory so that PS can find them (... if
they're in a Nikon directory, then create copies in your
"winNT\...\color" directory (... shucks ... I'm not on my NT computer
... search for *.icm files to know exactly where the 'color' directory
is ... important: do NOT move the Nikon ICM files, create copies!!!
    ... anyway ... assigning one of these Nikon profiles should be on
the mark.  (Hint ... I have no experience (yet!) with Nikonscan 3 (...
btw ... let us know if you are using Vuescan ... advice would be
different! ...), but scanning "with CMS off" with Nikonscan 2.5 still
delivered a gamma inappropriate for what should be raw data ... you
need to set application gamma to '1'.  If you are using Vuescan,
assigning one of the Nikon ICM profiles works for slides only (... I
may have some additional info if you are using negatives with Vuescan

> if so, which one are most folks using - Adobe RGB or Ektaspace? or

    Most are using AdobeRGB as the working space, but you shoudn't
assign this space.  You should "assign" the appropriate device color
space and then "convert" to AdobeRGB.  This will "wack" your data ...
but it is necessary if you want to work with AdobeRGB, and you do NOT
want your "device space" to be your working space.  Bruce Fraser has
some excellent advice here for scanner space reccommendations:

    Personally ... I use Vuescan with my LS-2000 and with negatives.
I have a device space for "assigning", but it isn't better than simply
asking Vuescan for a specific space.  I choose to archive and work
initially with 12bits in Ektaspace, but these are eventually converted
to 8bits and AdobeRGB.  I am however anxious to try Nikonscan v.3 ...
but it won't be 'til after I've moved lock&stock to Newfoundland in

shAf  :o)


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