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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Coolscan LS4000 - Peppery scans with Fuji chromes

"Kah Heng, Tan" wrote:
> Hi
> I have been fiddling with this scanner for the last half a day since
> buying it yesterday.
> Whilst it's ability to see into dark shadows is nothing short of
> amazing, and its terrific scanning speed at full res brings a smile to
> me, I have been having an extremely annoying problem with what I can
> only describe as 'peppery' scans with Fuji slides.

Tan,     I have been scanning and printing with the LS4000 for two
weeks.  Not one single problem.  I'm getting the most beautiful scans
I've ever done.  Prior to the 4000, I had the Nikon LS2000.  I use
exclusively Fuji 100F and Velvia.  I've never seen a black speck like
you're getting.  This is not normal.

I'm not a tech person and don't know how to help.  My LS4000 installed
very easy with no glitches.  Every scan from the first to the last has
been perfect.  BTW, you won't believe the colors when using the 14-bit
mode.  It doubles your file size but triples your pleasure.

Ray Amos


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