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Re: filmscanners: OT: photographing on the street

on 5/19/01 6:58 PM, Dave Buyens at davepe@tampabay.rr.com wrote:

>> My secrets for street photography without getting killed include some
>> fast slight of hand on occasion (looking like you are photographing
>> somewhere or something else). But more often its just a really big smile
>> that disarms people and makes me appear less sinister.
> Once I tell people I'm shooting for the paper, all suspicions fade away.
> Once people see that there is a reason you're taking their photo that is
> legitimate, they are delighted.  I was shy at first, but after a few dozen
> positive results, now I don't think twice about snapping away.

William Klein, shooting for his NEW YORK book told people he was working for
the NY Post. He wasn't. A very dangerous thing to do as (a) you may get
found out and (b) getting pictures of people under false pretences can get
sticky further down the road.
>> If I think I've gotten a really valuable image, I try for a model
>> release.  Most people are amazingly easy about this (in Canada, at
>> least) if you offer them some copies of the images, especially if their
>> kids are in them!
> In my case, the thought of having their picture in the paper doesn't hurt.
> Further, I don't need a model release for such publication.  Now, if it were
> for art's sake or for profit--that'd be a different story.  Then, go ahead
> and get the release.  It's also then, that I'd expect a little more
> resistance, though most folks still won't mind.

For art you don't need a release as far as I am aware.

John Brownlow



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