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Re: filmscanners: Stellar ghosts and Leaf 45

on 5/14/01 11:36 AM, Roger Smith wrote:

> At 6:11 PM -0400 5/12/01, Lynn Allen wrote:
>> Anyway, using Harry's pin-prick method with a piece of black neg leader, I
>> did the same thing Roger did with my Acer Scanwit at 2700dpi (Stellartest1).
>> No ghosts, no bleeding. Actually, I expected quite a bit of noise, and got
>> some, but it adjusted right out with the curve tool in MiraPhoto.
> I had to admit to Harry that when I lightened up my scan
> considerably (using Photoshop Levels, not rescanning) the ghosting
> did indeed appear. Ordinarily it is masked by the dark background.
> (Minolta Scan Dual II)
> At 11:36 AM -0400 5/13/01, tflash wrote:
>> I tried this with my Leafscan 45 And I get color fringing around the holes.
>> I pin pricked the black leader from color neg film and scanned it as color
>> neg. At 100% The hole edges are ringed with red and green. Does anyone else
>> experience this phenomenon? I suspect that my scanner, being a three pass
>> design, is having registration problems between the channels, or because the
>> red channel typically seems softer than the other channels.
> I don't seem to experience much colour fringing. The blue
> areas in the scratch are places my needle didn't remove the entire
> emulsion of the unexposed slide film.

Okay, this list accepts attachments....

Here's mine from the Leaf. Less flare, but more color fringe. Though when I
lighten it there is a bit of a ghost trail behind the holes. Not sure what
direction they are in in relation to the direction of the scan...


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