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Re: filmscanners: Stellar ghosts and Leaf 45

Todd wrote:

>I tried this with my Leafscan 45 And I get color fringing around the holes.
>I pin pricked the black leader from color neg film and scanned it as color
neg. At 100% The hole edges are ringed with red and green. Does anyone else
experience this phenomenon? I suspect that my scanner, being a three pass
design, is having registration problems between the channels, or because the
red channel typically seems softer than the other channels.

>Do other scanners experience this color fringing?

Yes, I can reproduce it (and did) by scanning the oposite side of the
pin-pricked leader. Since my Acer is a single pass scanner, my guess would
be that the CCD's are picking up reflected light from the edges of the hole
and/or the material pushed out by the pin, which is also visible when
scanned this way. For that matter it could be "noise," pure and simple.

Not that it isn't *possible* that registration comes into play with a Leaf
scanner, but that would not be the only answer. A coarse black& white
cross-hatch screen would probably be a better indicator of misregistration.
Beyond that, I'm out of my depth. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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