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Re: filmscanners: Another Mission Completed

Hi there,

I live in a humid coastal area, but it is not sub-tropical as yours is, 
and our summers dry out, sort of, so we can start over again in the fall 
waterlogging everything.  I have not experienced mould problems on 
either slides or CDs/CD-Rs.  Perhaps keeping them in a cooler place 
might help?  My computer system and storage materials (and film) are in 
a ground level location which is a good 5-10 degrees F cooler than the 
upper part of the house.  I assume because of that, the humidity level 
drops since the air can't hold it as well.  We do run a dehumidifier 
during the winter months about 24 hours once a week to dry things out.

Air conditioners pull a lot of humidity out of the air, and might be 
cheaper in the long run in a warmer climate, while making it a lot more 
pleasant.  Do you have to replace or "recharge" a desiccant in your 
dehumidifier cabinets?

We get gallons of water each time which my wife uses to rinse her hair, 
claiming it makes her hair look better (our tap water is from a well and 
is very hard).


ar164ts@gmx.net wrote:

> On storage of CDs
> Out of curiosity, anyone live in humid coastal areas (eg Florida)?
> My CDs develop mould very quickly, the only workable solution seems
> to be these demhumidifier cabinets.  Gets filled fast, and cabinets 
> are expensive.  
> Needless to say, mould has attacked many early slides ('twas young
> and careless then).
> Anyone has better and/or cheaper alternatives?
> Cheers
> Lawrence


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