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filmscanners: Epson Bubblegum Trading

From: Jeffrey Goggin   Subject:  A Good Epson Customer Service Story
If you pay $300 for an item offering similar performance to items that cost far
more money, common sense suggests that compromises were made somewhere in
the design and/or manufacturing and marketing processes.  To expect the
same degree of customer service from Bazooka regarding a non-performing
piece of bubble gum as from Epson regarding a $300 printer (or potentially,
a $10,000 printer) is IMO, unrealistic.
You too Arthur, in your response.
BTW, Arthur, I just got an IRS notice today in response to my gumball trading last year on the market. RE your trade of Kraft Gum for Butterscotch Candies, can they tax you for value added gains?  Serious about the IRS drop in the box today, their profiling no doubt flagged me, somewhat more than a yawn-amount all the buys & sells, but like you, bottomline I'm up for the Guinness Record of Losers over all. Give me a break, with the unusual market as squirrelly as it's been, to survive who can help but walk in & out the door more often than thru the Safeway Grocery entrance?  If not enough thrills in losses, up to your A in Alligators (up to your C in Crocodiles for you foreign traders), Doesn't this make your day? 


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