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RE: filmscanners: Splotchy?

Richard wrote:

>> I have a wonderful image scanned on my brain-dead Nikon 3510AF, where the
shadow areas are all blotchy with redish spots.

I've had so many of those that I finally wrote up a report on some of the
correction techniques. Be happy to share it with you off-list, if you'd
People have found that making the corrections in Lab color (or in R,G,B
channels) works best. That option isn't available with Photoshohp LE,
unfortunately, but it is in Corel Photo-Paint.

> Meanwhile, there was a strange thing happening in the blue areas of the
image and others on that roll, that looked like little flakes of blue die
had leached from the emulsion.

That sounds like something I found in one of my old Kodacolor negs. Careful
cloning with a soft 45-pixel brush cleared it up--for some reason, a soft
brush softens *all* its area, even if there's texture in the source target.
Blurring in a "mask" will also work, if you can get the mask tools to behave
properly. They take some getting use to.

Best regards--LRA

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