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RE: filmscanners: Book on Image Editing/Colour Correction

Ramesh writes ...

>       I am novice in Scanning and Image Editing/Colour
> Correction (Using PS).
> I have little/confusing theoritical knowledge
> about RGB, gamma and colourspace:-).
> I am new to Photoshop too.I am thinking of buying a
> book which concentrates more on the Image Editing/
> Colour Correction (Using PS) and has little theory
> about RGB, gamma and colourspace.
> The book has to be practical(with illustrations)
> and should give steps to do PS.

        The book you want is Bruce Fraser's & Dave Blatner's
"Real World Photoshop 6" ... very readable and in depth
coverage of color spaces and color correction.

> I browsed in amazon.com and read the reviews ...
> "Inside Photo Shop 6",

        I have no experience with this one.

> "Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers",

        Martin Evening is very readable, lots of good technique, but doesn't
go as far as "RW PS6" for explaining color spaces and color

> "Professional Photoshop 6: The Classic Guide to Color Correction"

        Dan Margulis isn't as readable, but this would be your reference for
corrections and adjustments in a CMYK working space (not RGB!!!)

myUS$0.02 ... shAf  :o)


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