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Re: filmscanners: Paintshop Pro

From: "Alan Tyson" <AlanTyson@bknowl.freeserve.co.uk>

> > PS If you get PSP 7 make sure you download the appropriate
> 7.02 patch.
> Rob,
> Do you know what's in the 'patch'?
> You inspired me to take a look, and it's a 10MB download for
> the International English version, so I don't want it unless
> I really need it.
> I haven't yet found anything myself that doesn't work in
> v7.0.
> Regards,
> Alan T

The following are a list of fixes to 7.0.

? A display issue causing the Effects menu to remain on screen after use has
been resolved.
? When cropping an irregular selection area, the area outside of the
selection is now either filled with the current background solid color (when
performed on a background layer) or rendered transparent (when performed on
a raster layer).
? An issue that could cause an application error when using the Proof and
Auto Proof options in the Text Entry dialog on a background layer has been
? The Rotate command operates correctly after moving a layer containing a
mask while in Mask Edit mode.
? The Histogram and Overview windows are properly updated after performing a
? When creating or resizing a crop marquee using the mouse, the ruler
operates in the same manner as the Selection tool by displaying the affected
area as a dashed line.
? Plug-in filters that have been properly removed from paths used by the
program will no longer be listed as available plug-in filters or file
import/export options.
? DPI information is correctly passed to file export plug-in filters
? The Sculpture and Texture effects correctly preview and apply rectangular
? The Colors>Adjust>Hue/Saturation/Lightness command processes Lightness
value changes properly.
? The Page Curl effect will no longer leave white spots at the edge of the
? When using the Save, Save As, and Preview commands, the Image Mapper
properly processes vertical map boundaries when they do not extend across
the entire map grid.
? The Image Slicer will no longer generate an error when using the Grid tool
and clicking on an area outside of the document in the preview window.
? Information in the "Target" field is now retained when saving Image Slicer
? Vector objects are properly redrawn when they are on different layers and
their properties are collectively modified after being selected with the
Object Selector tool.
? Attempting to group existing vector object groups will no longer cause an
application error.
? Gradient fill colors are retained when changing vector object properties
when the current foreground or background solid colors differ from the
active colors at the time the object was created.
? Nested vector group names are properly retained.
? When pasting a new layer, a display problem that would cause a second
instance of the pasted data to temporarily appear has been corrected.
? Layer group values are retained when layer positions are modified using
the Layer Palette.
? The JPEG and GIF Wizards output properly when run with their default
? When using the Save As command to save in JPEG format, designating a new
path and filename, then launching the JPEG optimizer, the new path and
filename are retained when the optimizer returns to the Save As dialog box.
? A problem that could prevent the browser from displaying thumbnails of
supported file types when the browser's cache file was read-only has been
? Image size and memory information is no longer clipped off the right edge
of the Status Bar when running the program in a normal window at a screen
resolution of 800 x 600.
? When the position of the previewed area is changed using the
four-arrowhead button in affected program dialog boxes, the change is now
retained when using the Zoom In/Out controls.
? Rulers are now properly synchronized when images are viewed at negative
zoom levels.
? The brush and Scratch Remover tools now function properly after closing
some instances of the Page Setup or Multiple Image Printing views.
? 1- and 4-bit images are properly processed and previewed when used as a
pattern by program tools and effects.
? Several minor issues with using Undo to discard changes to vector content
and masks have been corrected.


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