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Re: filmscanners: Medium format in a 35mm scanner?

Rob Geraghty wrote:

> Greg wrote:
>> This is probably (another) dumb question.  I shoot 95% 35mm, but
>> occasionally shoot 6x7cm.  I am about to buy a 35mm scanner (I have been
>> sending film out for scans for the last year or so - Photo CD for most,
>> drum for the most important work), but wondered if anyone has been able
>> to reposition medium-format film into the film or transparency holder
>> and take four scans from the film (which would then be stitched together
>> in Photoshop).
> This would be impossible in most dedicated film scanners.  The cheapest
> option I can think of would be a scanner such as the Epson Photo range which
> can scan larger film formats.
> Rob

This is a concept I was developing and attempting to work on with some 
of the larger scanner manufacturers.  It is doable with some changes in 
the design of the carriers, and the scanner design.  Minolta did it with 
their medium format Dimage Multi II to take advantage of higher 
resolutions with the same CCD.

In general, I believe the scanner manufacturers are not interested 
because it would eat into their overpriced medium format scanners, which 
already are a very niche marketplace.



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