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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

Oostrom, Jerry wrote:

>       [Oostrom, Jerry]  I have my Acer scanner sent in for service, but
> here in Holland they had not heard about a replacement programme. In fact
> they are trying to repair my defective one. And they are until now
> unable/unwilling to see the problem of the scanner: background noise,
> devastating for negatives in general or the dark part of slides. Luckily
> they are still testing for the problem, but I was disappointed when I saw
> their sample scan, which of course looked good: the scan was cropped to
> 29x14mm (ratio 2:1), whereas I scan full-frame 36x24mm (ratio 3:2). I said
> they probably didn't do a full frame scan and thereby unintentionally left
> out the parts of the CCD line/array that are failing, they responded that
> they performed a full frame scan. Then I responded: how strange, look at the
> ratios, the dpi etc... Now I am waiting for their answer...
>       It is terrible: they are friendly, very willing to help and I want
> to keep it that way, but it sure is hard to explain such an apparently
> elusive problem to them while minimizing the risk of offending them on how
> they test my scanner.
>       [Oostrom, Jerry]  :-( 

Each country has a different set of policies, due in part to differing 
consumer law, and more commonly with smaller companies, due to 
distributor networks, meaning you are rarely dealing with the "real" 
company, but rather a franchised licensee or representative company.

Not suggesting this is your case, but some noise can be introduced by 
cabling or other sources that might have nothing to do with the scanner 



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