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RE: filmscanners: Cleaning slides (PEC tips)

>I tried to remove a fingerprint from a film strip yesterday only to
>find that it's embedded in the emulsion.

Alas, it is my understanding that fingerprints are not just caused from
grease alone; but fingerprints also have some acid connected with them which
after a period of time begin to eat into the emulsion.  When this happens
there is nothing that will remove the etched in fingerprints.  In order for
things like PEC 12 to be truly effective they have to be applied early
before the acidic factors start to come into play.

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Jim wrote:
> PEC 12 ONLY cleans grease- based stains. It does not clean water-
> based stains. It will remove a fingerprint but not hard water
> stains, for example. This point has not been made yet, so I
> decided to add to this growing thread.<g>.

FWIW I tried to remove a fingerprint from a film strip yesterday only to
find that it's embedded in the emulsion.  The operator at the lab must have
put their fingerprint on the film while the emulsion was wet. :(  In their
defense, it was right on the end of the film where an image *shouldn't*
have been, but the camera had squeezed another image onto the end of the
strip.  Hopefully I'll be able to remove the fingerprint with some careful
use of the cloning tool.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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