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Re: filmscanners: LS4000 and sharpness

Lynn wrote:
>Rob wrote:
>>Is there any way to set the focus location in vuescan?
>"On the device tab of VueScan 7.0.10 on the right hand side change the
>drop down box to: MANUAL

That allows you to set the focus point but not in the way I meant.  In Nikonscan
you can click on a point in the preview and use that as the focus point
for the focussing system.  So it's an XY location in the image not the Z
direction.  Ed may not have implemented it because AFAIK it's only available
in the Nikons.


PS Another thing I wish Vuescan did was report back how many frames there
are in a strip.  Vuescan reads the information - for instance if you tell
it to scan frame 5 in a 4 frame strip, it will scan frame 4.  But it isn't
displayed anywhere.  Yesterday I was trying to scan a strip which was 5
and a half frames (the camera tried to squeeze another frame on the film
and partially overlapped the last frame).  I ended up having to turn the
strip around and scan the frame as frame 1 rather than frame 5.  No big
deal but it would be nice if Vuescan reported somewhere how many frames
were detected by the scanner.

Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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