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filmscanners: Getting OT, again (was: Cleaning slides

Maris wrote (correctly)--

>Wishful thinking - how many customers would a manufacturer lose by not
offering replacement v. repair?  How many of us have selected a scannerbased
on having replacement v. repair available?  Very few IMHO.

Of course not--because nobody offers it (or knows about it). And when
Crysler-Plymouth-Dodge offered a 50,000 mile waranty, they almost went out
of business, because they weren't ready for it!

OTOH, you'll notice that *most* auto mfgrs now offer an *economically safer*
bumper-to-bumper 3-year warranty (side note--Plymouth's wasn't b-to-b, and
stuff failed in the "fine print," big time!).

If I were relying on my scanner for my livelihood (which thank goodness I'm
not), 8-weeks of down-time would impact on me heavily. The only answer would
be to have two comparable scanners, one on-line and the other at the ready.
When it came time to upgrade them, you can bet I'd choose the more reliable
mfgr's scanner.  The Defense rests. :-)

Best regards--LRA

| Art wrote:
| > These same companies that immediately offer free
| repairs or replacement when a product doesn't meet functionality after
| minimal usage?
| To their everlasting credit, Acer *does* in fact replace, rather than
| repair, defective Scanwits with new ones. At least in the US, as I know
| firsthand.
| Given the 6-8 week turnaround of repairs, and the too-many-to-count horror
| stories of returning the same defective scanner, I'm surprised more
| manufacturers don't do the same thing. Seems to me that Satisfied
| are the best advertising a manufacturer can have. Especially with Lists
| this one in existence! :-)
| Best regards--LRA

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