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RE: filmscanners: Negatives vs. slides in new scanners

I'm fond of Supra 400 and use it a lot.
Recently I've also been shooting Provia 100F when
there is enough light. These films are apples
and oranges but Supra 400 is real 'chunky' compared to the
Provia. It is interesting to do a max zoom on a 4000 ppi file from
a 35 mm frame to see what the pixels look like up close.
Provia has much cleaner, uniform coloration among sets of
max zoomed pixels than the Supra 400 does.
This shows up in output in prints from the Provia being more
'sparkly' or 'luminous'.

It's kind of academic as I photograph dogs in available light so 100 speed 
film is a significant hindrance in early and late light where I
find most of my interesting pictures.

Based on the results I'm getting with Provia I'll be using it more,
I'll just teach the dogs to be stationary.

At 10:18 PM 4/28/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Maris wrote:
> > I have now tried Kodak Supra 400 and, on the LS-30 at 2700spi it scans
> > better than average but I would not consider it exceptional.
> > I still have
> > grain in blue skies and,
>My experience with Supra 400 is very good. Very little grain-alliasing no
>matter in which channel (skin, sky, greens) - especially absence in blue
>channel surprised me most. I wouldn't believe that this is 400 ISO film.
>Scanned with Dual II 2820 DPI.
>Odchoz  zprva neobsahuje viry.
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