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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

Art wrote:

> ....In fact out steadfast
Kodachrome, which has very good "dark keeping" properties, fades quite
rapidly in bright light-- I'm speaking of losses of dye density within
minutes under a projector bulb illumination.
> Ektachromes, on the other hand fare better under bright lighting, but have
poorer dark keeping properties.

Having done quite a few Kodachromes that were over 50 years old, I can
testify to Art's assessment. Have found no serious problems with 30-year-old
Ektachrome (other than its inherent contrastiness, which sometimes
challenges the DR of my scanner), but the colors *don't* seem to be as
bright as I remember.

I've also found that some dust on very old slides seems particularly
resistant to removal, as if it were fused to the slide. Frankly, as long as
I have a competent spot-retouching program I'm reluctant to clean old slides
with *anything* but a soft brush and air. But the occasional
thumbprint--more likely to be on negs than mounted slides--is enough to send
me running for help. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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