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Re: filmscanners: LS4000 and sharpness

Well, that pretty much proves that the problem is depth of field, which 
is what you and others suggested.  It also implies Nikon could have 
played with the software to calibrate the focusing feature to accomplish 
this very easily, even without a hardware change, just by using an 
average offset from the middle (and called it "curved film focusing" as 
a second option, rather than having to go in and defeat the autofocus 
and do it manually.

I recommend you write Nikon and inform them of this, and being one of 
those righteous companies, whose advertising claims can be taken fully 
at face value, I'm sure they will have a software fix for you within 
days, if not sooner.  ;-)


Mikael Risedal wrote:

> Ed
> Thanks to you and a scratched film I have discovered how to have the 
> best resolution from the LS4000 scanner and curved film problem.
> The imported thing is to put the focus area right in the picture area.
> After some experiment with the scratched film I found out that the best 
> way to have optimal resolution from the scanner are to move the focus 
> area half way out from the middle of the picture to the side.
> This means that the depth of field  now cover   the middle and corner 
> better and the picture now looks  equal sharp overall.
> If I put the focus area in the middle ( standard mode) the sides and 
> corner are not so sharp as at the middle of the picture.
> Best regards Mikael Risedal
> Lund Sweden
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