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Re: filmscanners: Negatives vs. slides in new scanners

There is no question that most negative color films are lower contrast 
and have a wider exposure range than their equivalent speed in slide 
film.  If your scanner/scanner software has good ability to translate 
the dye masks in negative films, you will get better results overall 
with negative film in high contrast situations.  Keep in mind, slides 
are designed for projection and need that contrast.

Astia, which is, I assume, the film you are referring to, is a lower 
contrast Fuji slide film (lower than the regular Provia, although I am 
not sure about the Provia F).  However, if you have used Sensia II 100, 
then you have used Astia 100, at less cost.  The films are identical.


JFMahony91@aol.com wrote:

> i am very interested in negatives vs slides in contrasty situations. i shoot 
> a lot of tennis in the middle of the day with provia 100, E200 or fugi multy 
> speed. i have an LS-1000 and do have trouble losing  the extreme highlights. 
> i like the color of slide film better than print. i entend to try print but 
> what kind. i know one of the other photographers used the fugi wedding film 
> nps (?) asa 160. is kodak supra any good? someone else told me to try asta as 
> it has less contrast. thank you so much. joanna


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