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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

Art had written:

>> B&W prints and full strength household
>> ammonia dissolved the emulsion right off the print.

Alan responded:

>Ammonia is also quite a  good solvent for metallic silver,
especially finely divided as in B&W images, so I presume the
idea was to remove an unwanted relative, politician or other
bystander from the print!

This qualifies for the "bon mot" of the day, IMHO! <LOL>
And Alan, thanks for reminding how amonia is used as a silver cleaner--I'd
completely forgotten that property (not having much silver to clean, these
days--just the bullets I save for werewolves). :-)

All seriousness aside (;-) ), the fact that the silver halides in *color
film* have been washed away to leave the dye impressions probably makes
Collin's methods for cleaning color film (previous in this thread) perfectly
viable. The differences in the film seem to be key, here, and thanks to all
for a "keeper."

Best regards--LRA

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