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Re: filmscanners: Nikonscan 3.0

I tried it also with my LS2000. I found the jaggies even worse, or at least
harder to get rid ofcompare to V2.5.1. With V-2.5.1 if I use Clearimage,
even with sharpening, the jaggies are reduced. If I use 4x mutli-scan, I
don't have a problem. With V-3.0 I had jaggies even with the ClearImage on
and also with 2x and 4x multi-sampling. I have since removed V-3 and put
V-2.5.1 back on. 

I had work I had to do and couldn't test it any further If I get a chance
in the next I'll try to get time to put in on my test machine and do
further testing.

Dave Nelson

At 10:09 PM 4/21/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>Well, I've tried it and the jaggies haven't gone away.  I'll have to
>experiment some more with grainy or damaged pics to see if the improvements
>in ICE etc make any difference on the LS30.
>Example attached which demonstrates the jaggies - look at the flash
>reflection in the sugar glider's eye.
>PS Can anyone explain to me how to set the scan resolution to 2700dpi?  It
>seems determined to stay at 1350.
>Attachment Converted:


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