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Re: filmscanners: film scanner software

Silverfast has options for raw data  10. 12 bit
The new update 5.2 are (in my opinion) improved in colors
(not so red , more neutral) and are smother in shadows  (more details) then 

Mikael Risedal


>From: "Steve Greenbank" <steve@gccl.fsbusiness.co.uk>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: filmscanners: film scanner software
>Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 09:13:17 +0100
> > "Mikael Risedal" <risedal@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > > VueScan are (also in my opinion for beginners) but if you are concern 
> > > learn how to scan  pictures  try a "pro software"   and  see who much
> > > you can get out from your negative or slides.
> >
> > That's a big assumption about how much money people have to throw 
> > isn't it?
>Yes, definitely.
> >  If I can get good results with Vuescan for US$40 why would I want
> > to buy Silverfast just to "try" it??  Silverfast won't give me 10 bits 
> > channel from my LS30.
>I suspect Silverfast can. I have recently, I think, found away to extract
>raw 48bit scans for Silverfast Ai in a way that allows you to later process
>the file in Photoshop. This makes Silverfast an expensive way to read the
>data but I did get it bundled with my scanner. The great thing about 
>this way is I can avoid learning how to use 2 pieces of software. I need to
>use photoshop with the digicam so now PS can do most operatioons with 48 
>images why should I bother to learn how to process using the scanner
>software ? (I use mostly slides - colour cast removal from negs could be
>tricky in PS).
> > Yes, I know you can get a demo of Silverfast, but IMO it's a
> > sufficiently complex piece of software that it's difficult to judge from
> > demo whether it would be worth buying.
>You can make a judgement but you would have to invest quite a lot of time.
>Given the asking price I think many people will give up on the grounds that
>if costs that much it should be easy to use.
>I don't think it is.
>Yes, there are some options in Silverfast that would allow an expert
>unparalleled control of the image , but (IMHO) you need months (at the very
>least) of Silverfast scanning experience  just to get your head round them.
>Things aren't helped by the documentation that appears to be comprehensive,
>but I can rarely find the bit that helps me. The tutorials at
>www.computer-darkroom.com (thanks Ian) have been much more useful. I think
>the Silverfast manuals are the only software manuals I've bothered to read 
>and I'm still struggling!
>Scan Wizard Pro is much easier and intuitive and you can perform different
>adjustments for each image when batch scanning. Silverfast appears to apply
>the same settings to everything in batch mode - so it's auto adjust or
>forget it.
>I put some E6 samples I made in July 2000 on my then new Artixscan 4000. At
>the time it was suggested that the Silverfast image was best. I'm not so
>convinced it's so clear cut now. The silverfast colours are iffy but the
>Scan Wizard pro have too much contrast. Which is better ? Interestingly,
>Vuescan seems to do better than Scan Wizard Pro on the contrast and better
>than Silverfast on the colours. Have a look and see what you think?
>If there is any interest I'll redo the images. I am sure the results out of
>Silverfast are better. I haven't re-tried the Scan Wizard Pro or Vuescan
> > Silverfast filmscanners who have Silverfast got it bundled with the
> >
> > At least in Australia, OEM bundles are nowhere near as generous as in 
> > USA.
> > I don't know what the comparison with Europe is like.
> >
>I'm in the UK and generally we get "done over" too. Bundles are less or
>there is no cashback offer or it costs more. Frequently it's all three!

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