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Re: filmscanners: SS4000 problems - again

Thanks for the advice on handling Polaroid. I always try to be nice and
respectful.  I think that gets the best service.  I'm not really willing to
spend $250 a year to keep their product working, since I'm just a hobbyist.
If that is really a requirement, maybe it's time to try the Nikon <g>.


> I'm not sure if this will go to the mailing list, as there seems
> to be some problem with the mailing list not posting my submissions
> to the list. So, I included you in the to: line as well.
> > My SS4000 has developed a problem where the yellow light just continues
> > flash and the motor runs on and on. I called Polaroid and they sent me a
> > 'cleaning kit', really just a little brush that attaches to the slide
> > carrier.
> >
> > Whoopee.
> >
> > Didn't do a thing.
> nope -- I've had that problem several times. You have to tell them to
> take it back. I've noticed recently that the support people at polaroid
> will try to do or say anything they can to avoid sending you a new
> scanner. While on the surface that seems reasonable, they push it
> beyond fair and reasonable. If it weren't for my vast experience in
> having to send that d*amn scanner back so often due to internal problems,
> I'd have made the same mistake you did.
> Even now, I'm having problems with my scanner, and they were supposed to
> have sent me a new one all week. hasn't arrived yet. now the promise
> monday.
> Don't misunderstand this: I never had a problem with my SS4000 when I
> first got it, and I was surprised when I heard about all these people
> having problems with it, but when it started happening to me, I realized
> I'd better buy an extended service contract. For $250 a year, they'll
> send a replacement unit OVERNIGHT (you send your back in the box that
> included the new unit), but you still have to remind the support person
> constantly that, yes, the contract says to send one overnight.
> > Am I just SOL?  Do I have to send it to Polaroid?
> You have to go through tech support to give you an return authorization
> number. If you don't have the receipt, you could have a problem, but
> like getting first class upgrades at the gate, it's entirely at the
> discresion of the bureaucrat on the phone. When they send you the
> replacement (loaner) unit, you send back the defective one in the same
> box. (They provide a shipping lable for you.)
> --
> --dan
> Photo Gallery:  http://www.danheller.com/


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