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Re: filmscanners: Burning CD's

Just wondering if you have heard anything that makes CD-RW less archival 
than CD-R, if one is using it as an internal media (not for supplying to 
others).  I suspect it might be more stable than CD-R dyes, but haven't 
read anything definitive.  Have you?


Michael Moore wrote:

> ReWritable is NOT preferable... CD-R media is cheap enought that you
> don't need to mess with all the variables of trying to rewrite a CD
> file... What I and lot of other folks on this list do is to use the best
> CD-R (not CD-RW) discs we can get ahold of (Kodaks Optima Gold or
> Gold-Silver are great) to archive our images... what counts is 1. The
> ability of your disc to be read by multiple users (in other words your
> clients or lab) 2. Archival and Information quality... If you want to
> work on a file, you pull it up off your Master Files (the ones that
> include your original scans, pre-manipulation, as well as the Master
> manipulated files) CD, do whatever tweaks are necessary, then save it as
> a separate file... And burn it onto a new CD-R... costs about a buck for
> a new disc...
> Mike M.


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