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Re: filmscanners: Grain Aliasing at 2700pppi

Lynn Allen wrote:

> Every discussion we've had on this list about G-A begs the question "How to
> deal with it?" We know (or do we?) what causes grain aliasing and/or noise,
> what films to use in future, what scanners to buy in future, et cetera. But
> how does one get those hundreds of blue-green pixels out of the dark areas
> and the red-brown pixels out of the flesh-tones today, this afternoon?
> That's my question, and I'm stickin' to it. :-)
> Best regards--LRA
> PS--BTW, have you noticed that using a soft brush and Cloning smoothes out
> those offending pixels? Not a lot of help unless one wants to "repaint" the
> whole picture, but it might be a start. Or not.

Have you tired a JPEG compression?

What about slightly out of focus on the scans, or using a full image 
filter in something like Photoshop (one of the blurs or noise removal 



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