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RE: filmscanners: Genuine Fractals

>a full version of
>Genuine Fractals bundled in.  There was no documentation for Genuine
>Fractals.  Altamira's web site is useless.

By full version, what do you mean?  There are several different full
versions of GF ( there is Genuine Fractals 2.0, Genuine Fractals Pro, and
Genuine Fractals Light which depending on your definitions is a full version
as opposed to a demo version)  Which version do you have?  Did GF come on a
CD?  If so, there should be documentation on that CD as well including a
readme.  As for the web site, I am inclined to disagree with you.  You have
to work a little to find the pertinent information on the site but much of
it - if not all of it - is there.  It may not be there under the labels of
manual or documentations; instead it may be found under FAQ or some other

Was the .tif file you were trying to save as a .stn file a 16 bit file or an
8 bit file?  GF does not work with the 16 bit .tif (otherwise named 32 or 48
bit) file, you have to convert them to 8 bit (otherwise known as 24 bit)
files.  GF also works with flattened files without any layers.  Moreover, if
the version is GF 2.0 or GF light, it will only work with RBG files.

As for it being license disabled, you need to check with Nikon or the
scanner documentation, who are responsible for the bundling of the program
on that.

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Subject: filmscanners: Genuine Fractals

I bought a Nikon Coolscan IV about 10 days ago that has a full version of
Genuine Fractals bundled in.  There was no documentation for Genuine
Fractals.  Altamira's web site is useless.  I have loaded Fractals as a
plugin to Photoshop 6.0.1.

When I tried to use Genuine Fractal, I saved a TIFF file produced by Vuescan
to GF's STN file in Photoshop.  When I retrieved the file and tried to scale
it, I saw a thumbnail of the photo that had a heavy pattern embedded.  When
I opened the scaled image, the photo had the pattern overlay (I am guessing
here) that all but obliterated the image.  Does anyone know what I am doing
wrong?  Is this a license disabling device?  GF came with no instructions
and no serial number.  I did not even see a serial number insertion on the
installation.  Any reference to documentation would also be helpful.

Thanks, Doug Landrum, Digital Dunce.


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