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RE: filmscanners: Burning CD's

        Scroll down to section that begins with:
          NEWS FLASH - Kodak DISCONTINUES the 'GOLD' Ultima! 
          Because of the high cost of producing a 100% gold layer CD-R, 
          Kodak is replacing this product with a silver/gold alloy 
          reflective layered disc, called the 'Kodak CD-R Ultima'.  ...
        They also write in that section:  
          "There are some Kodak Gold Ultima's (with the 100% gold 
          reflective layer) still floating around the country (although 
          there are none left at Kodak's warehouses). As we come across 
          distributors that still have old stocks of the Gold Ultima, 
          we'll buy up the CD's and offer them to you."
If there aren't any left in the warehouses, it seems odd that
Kodak continues to sell:


Maybe Kodak decided to stop selling to middlemen, and/or maybe
they plan to stop making them, but for now the price is ~.50/disk 
when getting 3 35-pak spindles. I just got 12 spindles..

By the way, on the gold lacquer-only kodaks, I get errors on a music
cd after writing w/ a sharpie. Those & the mitsui gold's are amazingly

Bill Ross


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