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RE: filmscanners: Burning CD's

>> >Note that kodak doesn't make gold disks anymore - only the new silver 
>> alloy ones or something.
>Kodak Gold, Gold+Silver and Silver are all freely available in UK, and no 
>sign of discontinuation of the Gold. 
>I suspect you are just seeing retailers stocking policy - they are 
>probably getting a preferential, promotional margin on the new 
>Gold+Silver, or just stocking what they think they will sell most.

I don't know; following is from tssphoto's site, where I buy blanks:


Scroll down to section that begins with:

  Because of the high cost of producing a 100% gold layer CD-R, 
  Kodak is replacing this product with a silver/gold alloy 
  reflective layered disc, called the 'Kodak CD-R Ultima'.  ...

They also write in that section:  

  "There are some Kodak Gold Ultima's (with the 100% gold 
  reflective layer) still floating around the country (although 
  there are none left at Kodak's warehouses). As we come across 
  distributors that still have old stocks of the Gold Ultima, 
  we'll buy up the CD's and offer them to you."

Bob Shomler


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