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RE: filmscanners: Burning CD's

Good post, Mike. When this topic first came up, 6-8 months ago on the List
(and not everybody was "here" then), we learned that a)there is no
definitive study of which discs are the most stable and/or compatible, and
that b)the only studies *at all* are sponsored by the media
manufacturers--possibly not the most objective source. I promptly switched
to gold-backed discs and redundant copies, but the jury's still out (for the
next 20-30 years). ;-)

Since so many List members are in fact professional photographers and since
Writable CD-ROM (as opposed to DVD, which is not currently "writable" in a
real-world, everyday sense), it seems to me that some joint studies by the
various photographers' associations would be very much in order. You can't
do much about the *time* factor, but the compatibility factor seems to need

Best regards--LRA

Mike wrote:
>Just found this at CretaiveProse.com.... it's a well written and concise
article on the storage medium that most of us trusting our hard won
images to. One thing it says, is that the green CD-R's are the worst
when it comes to compatibility with DVD drives as well as other CD

Mike M.

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