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RE: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit

May I say that it is WONDERFUL to have rep's of scanner makers, like David
from Polaroid, and now you, Honda, on the list, so thanks for joining in.

(OK, I admit it, it's *especially* good if it's the scanner you actually

Rather than tangle up this forum, I'll be contacting other Acer users
off-list to see if we agree on some issues that we think could be improved.
 If any other Acerer's are out there and wish to join in, give me a tingle,
but off-list.

Now, I wonder if a Nikon rep might appear.. :)

Look forward to talking to you, Honda.

Regards, Mark T.

At 02:09 PM 3/04/01 +0800, Honda Lo wrote:
>List-Help: <mailto:majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk> 'help' as msg. text
>Dear Tony,
>    in fact, 2740S compare to 2720S, we improved the A/D from 12bit to
>Honda Lo
>Product Manager / Sales of acer Film Scanner

Mark Thomas   markthom@camtech.net.au


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