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Re: filmscanners: Re: Vuescan color spaces

Rome wrote:

> Okay, I'm new to this... What is this 'Vuescan' you all talk about?
> Do I need it?
> Adam

It is apparently a requirement to be on this list  (BIG GRIN--- A JOKE!!!)

Vuescan is a program written by Ed Hamrick, who is a sometimes 
subscriber here.  It is a scanner program that can be used to replace 
many manufacturers' scanner programs.  It supports a great many film and 
flatbed scanner models, and is upgraded about once a week or more, as it 
is being perfected and expanded.

You can get a free download of the most current version at Ed Hamrick's 
web site, but it is disabled, in that it places a cross hatching over 
the image you have scanned.  To remove this cross hatching, you can buy 
a license from him for $40 US, which currently allows you unlimited 
upgrades, which you can download from his site.

Many people on the list use his program because they find it provides 
better scan results from their hardware scanners.  Some people find it 
unnecessary for their specific needs, and that the manufacturers' 
program that comes with the scanner does the job for them.

It is discussed a lot here, because, besides being used by quite a few 
people, it is still being worked on and people have ideas, suggestions, 
and sometimes complaints about it.  Ed is apparently not currently 
subscribed here, so people who want to discuss these matters are best to 
contact him on his website, but many people here discuss the program, 
and it use.



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