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Re: filmscanners: Still Having Trouble with Win2K

Larry: At the risk of asking you a question you may have already answered,
since I know you know very well which end of a computer is up, nevertheless,
the one thing that occurs to me is the color temp that you have the monitors
set for... could your new Dells somehow be overriding the color temp you have
them set for when you do your color calibration? Are they perhaps going into a
monitor profile different from the one you are creating? Just a thought from a
pre-espresso brain on Sunday morning after the "wonderful" time change...

Mike M.

Larry Berman wrote:

> Hi Colin,
> Thanks for the suggestions. But both displays are set at Windows default.
> Here's a kicker. I've switch 21 inch monitors and the 21 from my Win98SE
> (Dell D1620HT) system looks fine on the new Win2k system. I've spoken to
> Dell tech support, although they couldn't look at the web page, and they
> told me that I should call my sales person and tell them I need a different
> monitor.
> I've also switched graphics cards back to the original nVidia card that
> came with the Win2K system and the P series monitors still looked bad
> What I'm seeing is that the Dell P series Trinitron monitors are not
> showing full 32 bit color. I'm now seeing the same bad color gradations on
> my Win98SE system with my new 19 inch P991 Dell Trinitron also. So maybe
> both new Dell monitors are going back this week. The 21 inch that showed
> the bad gradations is a P1110.
> Summery:
> Dell's D1620HT Trinitron looks good on either computer.
> Dell's P1110 Trinitron looks bad on either computer, showing a colder
> looking gray and what appears to be a not full 32 bit color.
> Dell's P991 Trinitron looks bad on either computer, showing a colder
> looking gray and what appears to be a not full 32 bit color.
> Larry
> >          At the risk of stating the obvious, your display problem sure
> > looks like the graphics card is not set up properly in W2k. I can get a
> > very similar effect by setting the card here to 16 bit High Colour,
> > although even then it is not as bad as your example. Could be a
> > cumulative effect taking place with the screen capture though.
> >
> >Your surround is still on the Windows default colour in W2k. I always find
> >that one difficult to sort out when setting up the display, but I have
> >nailed it now. Display Properties - Appearance - Item box, select 3D
> >Objects, and alter the colour to your desire.
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> Larry Berman
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