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RE: filmscanners: scanning cross-processed film

On Saturday, March 31, Jules wrote:
> i'm trying to scan some kodak supra 100 developed in e6.  the slides
> have the pinkish look that i want, but i'm having a lot of trouble
> getting it scanned (LS-2000, VueScan).  for some reason the
> scanner/software tries to make the background white.  i've all the color
> presets in vuescan, even "neutral" came out white in the preview and
> "none" came out slighly blueish.
> anyone have experience scanning xp?

I've got a test strip of Velvia crossed the other way in a sleeve,
but haven't gotten around to scanning it yet...

You didn't say what media settings you're using in Vuescan. I'd
be trying Device/Media type = "Slide film", and Color/Slide vendor
= "GENERIC" for starters.

I'd also start with Color/Color balance = "Auto levels" but uncheck
"Auto black point" and set all the black point values to 0's. Then
I'd try one scan, and uncheck "Auto white point" to see where
Vuescan set it, and then adjust those values manually if I wasn't
getting what I wanted.

You might also need to uncheck Color/Auto mask and adjust
those values manually. A lot of the pink color that you like might
be coming from the film base, which Vuescan will try to correct
away for you.

Just some thoughts... Hope this helps,

Tim Victor


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