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RE: filmscanners:Focusing with SprintScan 4000--was flatness in Nikon4000

This post raises a question about how the SprintScan 4000 focuses.

The bundled Insight software includes a setting for focusing on scanning. As
many of my cardboard mounted transparencies are bowed to various degrees, I
have been curious whether this focusing scheme tracks the curvature of the
film--or does it just focus on a single plane. If the latter, does it choose
the plane of the edge or the plane of the center?

If it cannot track the curvature, would I get better results scanning in a
temporary glass mount?

Stan Schwartz


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Subject: filmscanners: film flatness in Nikon 4000

Don't see why anyone is surprised to learn that there is film curvature with
35mm negs in the Nikon scanner.
Every pro lab knows that you have to use glass holders for film when working
to critical sharpness, 35mm or 5x4". and 4000 dpi needs critical
Nikon makes and sells a glass holder for the scanner (and the 8000 too) so
what's the problem?
critical work - with traditional enlargers or with high end scanners,
demands some care and attention, and it's actually slightly reassuring that
the focus is so precise IMO.

It seem this is not really a fair criticism of the scanner. It is intended
for semi-professional work after all.
Use the glass holder, (with anti newton glass if you have that problem) and
you will see astounding differences in your image sharpness.



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