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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan 7.0.8 hang!

From: "Bill Ross" <ross@cgl.ucsf.edu>

> Does anyone have any other ideas on how to preserve a logfile
> being written to when a sudden freeze of the entire Windows 98SE
> occurs ...? And just what is this doing to
> the FAT table on my SCSI disks, etc?
> Unless Windows is utterly lame (a possibility, granted), it
> should be possible to flush each line of the logfile to disk
> as it is written. Files should not disappear just because the
> machine gets hung/rebooted, so the log should be retrievable.

problem is with all advanced operating systems is that they employ a write
cache - i.e. sector will only be written after a certain amount of time, to
allow for a lot of writes to same sector (i.e. directory/fat) to not slow
the system, this is why you will be seeing files 'disappear'. this is
probably not your problem though..

but, there are functions inside windows to fully flush the file buffers.



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