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Scanner choice was Re: filmscanners: Bulk scanning

"Kurt Simpson" <dsneditor@softhome.net> wrote:
> You know I've spent a lot of time lurking on this list and I wonder if the
> experts could give a bit of a gift to those of us who are beginners but
> to put our feet down on solid ground with a good purchase choice.

If you've been reasonably happy with your Photosmart, any of the 2700 or
2900 dpi scanners should be a step up.  I would guess that the LS40 would
be a good buy in your case if you're happy with 2900dpi and want the
convenience of ICE (or Vuescan's dust removal).

> I've been holding out for the new Nikons but am wondering after hearing of
> the focus problems on the most recent models...

This was only mentioned with respect to 4000dpi.  Only of concern if you
*need* 4000dpi.  If you *do*, IMO there's not much wrong with the
Polaroid SS4000, especially if you keep it dust free.  Tony has one...


PS I wouldn't necessarily expect concensus because you haven't defined
your requirements. :)


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