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filmscanners: Re: Canon FS2710 vs Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II

At 10:44 AM -0500 3/30/01, BHannaford@aol.com wrote:
>Maybe slightly OT, but using the Nikon LS-30 as a benchmark, how does the
>Canon FS2710 compare?  That is, WRT any parameters you care to mention.  I'm
>most interested in the Canon vs Dimage question, but every bit of information

        My impression was that the Nikon was noticeably sharper but 
at the expense of accentuating dust and scratches. I had to look very 
closely at my Canon scans to see that, yes, the scratches were there. 
I wouldn't have noticed them, otherwise. Makes one understand why 
Nikon includes the digital ICE feature. I didn't try this feature, by 
the way, but others have said works well except for a slight 
softening of the image. Ironically, it may take it back to the level 
of the Canon, which is certainly no slouch.
        The Nikon seemed slower than the Canon. It seemed to take 
about twice as long to do a 2700 ppi scan, but I didn't time it so I 
can't be sure.
        Other than that, I'm afraid I didn't have as much time as I 
wanted to compare the two scanners. It belongs to a colleague, so I 
may get a chance to borrow it again.
        The Nikon didn't seem enough better than the Canon to warrant 
its price of $1030 Cdn vs $699 Cdn for the Canon (and $699 for the 
Minolta, too, to get back on topic <g>). That's why I'm so interested 
in the Minolta Scan Dual II - if it is even slightly better than the 
Canon for the same price, it should be well worth considering.
        Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Roger Smith


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