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RE: filmscanners: File format

Mikael wrote:

>I think there are some myths about jpg. tif. psd. and high quality printing
We   (printing company, myself and a medical company picture bank)
have done  tests about saving pictures that later can used to print out on
high glossy paper.
All files are scanned in 350 ppi
We compared  a tif file and a jpg file in level 7  (  Photoshop 5.0)
Proof printing   2 picture.
No one could se any difference in the 2 pictures in colors. A closer look
with magnifier glasses shows some differences in a  small text.
We took the same jpg file and resaving it up to 5 times. We looked at each
step and where suppriced of the small changes of colors in the picture.
A well known medical newspaper printed on high glossy paper wants their
pictures files in Jpg  level 5 .!!!!!!They must also have done some test
there jpg.5 level seems to suite there needs.

This must means? that we photographers are "over do it "  when we are
delivering  pictures in big tif or psd files.

This is something I've suspected for some time now (about the
compressions--I *knew it* about the photographers! ;-) ).

Thanks for the post, Mikael!

Best regards--LRA

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