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Re: filmscanners: OT - Dicky returns to form..

So Dicky, let me get this quite straight.  It's OK for you to post a
completely worthless comment about Unix, because you're just testing the

But if someone else goes off-topic they get a public insult and a request
to Tony.  In my not-so-humble, but non-insulting (!) opinion, copyright
issues are *much* more likely to be of interest to at least some of us,
than, eg, your one-line throwaway Unix comment.

'Mr Moderator', for my 2c worth, I would express the EXACT opposite view.
I do NOT mind occasional off-topic diversions, AS LONG AS they don't run
off out of control.  Three to five OT messages is a sensible limit I think
- if others disagree, I'll happily retreat to my rock :)

And I am now kill-filtering Dicky.  I've had enough.  First swearing,
racism and insults, now just insults..  That's not what I am here to see.


At 08:31 AM 30/03/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Mr Moderator....would you please sort this berk out.......
>Richard Corbett


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