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filmscanners: Bulk scanning

This is the main reason I am considering selling my Sprintscan 4000 and
buying a Nikon 4000ED. The ability to drop a 36 exposure roll of 35mm film
in and walk away.

Does anybody have any experience yet?  That's literally the only reason I
want to make the switch. I like my Sprintscan a lot.


From: "Rob Geraghty" <harper@wordweb.com>
> Especially with APS - my recent experience with APS and bulk scanning
> convinced me to make my next compact camera an APS one.  Being able to put
> the film in the scanner and press a button before walking away to leave
> the scanner to scan the entire film is just wonderful.  Oh how I wish I
> could do this with my 35mm films!
> Rob


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