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filmscanners: OT: Photoshop LE

This is a "rant," so delete now if you've heard it before. ;-)

I've just reverted to PS-5.0-LE--partly because a bigger PS was giving me
problems, and partly to see "What are the Peasants, Doing, Tonight?" (bad
joke, I admit--it needs the music). :-)

Someone, a few months ago said PS-LE was a P.I.T.A.--oh, wait, that was me!
But that was only after I'd just come off more friendly graphic programs on
another machine which I've promised never to mention again. Well guess what:
it still is!

I doubt very seriously if anybody from Adobe is monitoring this channel.
That's not like them, unfortunately (as opposed to *some* who regularly do,
and you know who you are, and thank you). I also guess that if I could
regularly sell upgrades and programs for $500 to $700 a pop after
practically giving away "clipped" versions, I would surely do that, too. I
might be a rotten businessman, but I'm not *that* stupid! ;-)

OTOH, there's the little matter of Volume vs. Profits. It's like the kid who
was imploring people to buy his pencils: "Hey, mister, would you buy a
pencil to help put me through college? They're only $20,000!"
"That seems a little expensive for a pencil," sez the well-dressed man.
"Yeah," sez the kid, "but I only have to sell ONE!"

It's an old joke, so I s'pose the price of the pencils has gone up to
$60,000 ($150,000 if the kid wants to go to Harvard), but I guess I've made
my point and I'll shutup now. Too bad no Adobe people make themselves
evident on this list, because that's who the story is for.

Best regards--LRA

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