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RE: filmscanners: Printdpi

> The dpi thread leads me to ask what the best dpi for printing on an Epson
> printer (Stylus 600 for example) would be.
> My habit is to correct an image at the scanned resolution then
> move it to a
> default blank page for printing, using PhotoShop's free transformation for
> sizing.   I save the 'print' version as well as the full
> resolution file.  The
> prints look good.
> I normally use a blank page set for 8.5 x11 inches and 110 dpi.
> I'm wondering
> if I'd see better results at a higher dpi or faster results at a
> lower dpi.
> Lower dpi would result in a smaller file for storage too.  There
> must be an
> ideal maximum resolution beyond which the image doesn't print better and a
> minimum resolution below which it is noticeably degraded.

Well, it depends on really what your needs are.  If your output size is
limited, then perhaps you can scan at a lower DPI and you will not see a
difference in output.

I believe you should always acan at the scanner optical resolution, as this
will give you the best image your scanner can give you.  I do not re-sample
in PS, unless the output resolution falls below 180DPI or so...I uncheck the
resample box, and just re-size and let the DPI fall where it may.  It has
been shown time and time again that there is no magic DPI.

Now, your comment on file sizes is completely valid, and that is something I
would suggest you experiment with to see what gives you the best results
with that compromise, since making a scan at other than the scanner optical
resolution will degrade the image.  You will always get image degradation
scanning at other than the optical DPI of the scanner.  In small enough
printouts, you will not see this degradation though, so if your requirements
are such, that may work fine for you.


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