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RE: filmscanners: memory for film scanning

Rob wrote:
> For instance, you could set up your computer with three
> ATA drives - one for the OS and applications, and the
> other two connected to an ATA RAID controller to store
> all the working files - data, virtual memory, PS scratch
> space, printer spool space etc.

I just checked the Promise web site and their ATA100 RAID
controller supports up to 4 drives and multiple arrays.
This gives you more choices about how to configure things,
including having two striped arrays - one for the OS and
one for the data.  BTW it's probably best to leave the
swap space on the same drive as the OS, but I would
try moving the PS scratch space and printer spool
directories to the data drive.

Rather than start another thread which could be viewed
as of little connection with actual scanning, please
respond off the list if you wish to discuss this further.
I simply wanted to raise the suggestion for others who may
be frustrated by the time it takes to load and save files.


PS I use a Promise controller (non-RAID) and found it would
only behave when the motherboard IDE interface was disabled.
This may not be an issue in Win2K or NT, or with other
motherboards.  Something to bear in mind - because you
will probably want to plug the ATA CDROM in somewhere...

Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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