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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan: "device RGB"

Rob writes ...

> Mark wrote:
> >I think it is a nice option. Because you are able to use the
> >(neg. and trans.) that came with your scannersoftware when you
bought the
> >scanner.
> How do you use scanner profiles with Vuescan?

    Presumably ... the color space option, "device RGB", is intended
for this ... and you would also need Photoshop 6 ... for either (1)
assigning the scanner profile of choice ... or (2) opening the scanned
image into the device space.  Only PS6 allows a device space to be the
working space (but who would want to), or the ability for "assigning"
an image to a color space.

    One still nagging question I still have about the "device RGB"
option is two differing opinions on how it works.  One post, from the
user who claimed to have asked for it, claims no transformation takes
place and therefore the RGB space is inherently the scanner space.
This is the way it should work ... and you would simply assign the
scanner profile once it is in Photoshop.  However ... Tony seems to be
under the impression, for those scanners which have been chracterized,
Vuescan will transform the scanned RGB data into "device RGB".  (Tony
... correct me if I'm wrong ... I think this is what your
'step-by-step' Vuescan method implied.  This implimentation of "device
RGB" makes me itchy, because while it is in Ed's evalutated "device
RGB" space, it is NOT in the same RGB space as implied by a
manufacturer supplied, or 3rd party calibration, device color space.
To impose (assign) one on top of the other makes me uncomfortable ...
I certainly am more comfortable with the scanned image inheriting the
device space because nothing was done to it (... not implying the
'raw' scan' because we are still trying to use Vuescan's cropping
tools ...) ...)

shAf  :o)


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