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Re: filmscanners: Adobe Elements

Richard wrote:

> There are a ton of imaging software programs for the Mac,
and many of them are Mac only....Programs to analyze gamuts, management of
ICC profiles, and all sorts
of color management tools are - for the most part - initially only on Mac

Apple and Mac have led the way in print-production software. Nobody needs to
question that, because it's quite evident. That's not to say it's the best,
but that they have the most momentum, and Adobe with them. And good for

>all Adobe products will become "carbonized" by late summer, meaning
available to OS X, as well as OS 9.1. In addition, the new Photoshop V7.
will contain features which will not be available on Windows until at least
6 months later.

I have very bad memories of Adobe "ports" to PC--nearly unusable, as I
recall. I really hope we're not going back into that mode again!!!  Software
mfgrs need to remember that we're a "working community" out here (not me, I
retired)--As such, We'll appreciate those who support us, and "remember"
those who didn't. And I remember Adobe and Microsoft, *very well*.

Hoping your predictions don't come true--LRA

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